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eh….me :)

eh….me :)

I gasp for breath

But death fills my lungs,

My heart races with fear,

My hands struggle against a heavy force pulling me under,

My lungs burn,

My eyes strain to see through the hazy fog shielding my vision,

I attempt to speak,

To call for help

But my words are lost in the muffled sound,

Shallow breaths,

Each breath

I gulp in the evident realization of my own mortality

Yet this expected demise never comes

I continue to live in the most uncomfortable condition,

Every time I think I’m going to drown

Another breath of relief is given to me

My temporary escape from my misery,

But short lived

I’m back to the pain

And I fight

I struggle with the force that is pulling me down

Even though I’m weak, feeble, and unable

And my efforts are futile,

I strived anyways

Those breaths of relief,

How life circulates through me once again,

That feeling is worth fighting for,

Despite what seems inevitable,

I don’t give up

Beyonce - Best thing I never had
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Delilah - Go
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Okay this song gave me chills, her voice is amazing. Give it a listen and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did, this is one for my iPod playlist! Let me know what you think?

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